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‘The reason I began coaching with James was due to his own mental health story. I knew I had been struggling with anxiety for some time but felt too embarrassed to admit it. The sessions really helped me to rediscover what I want in life from my career to my personal life. James reminded me how competitive I was which helped me to recapture my drive to do well because I want to and not because I don’t want to fail or let people down.

Through a few sessions, I found it was just what I needed to help improve my mindset and my approach to my career and personal life. James has helped me to think more positively and guide me to achieve my goals.’



I began coaching with James at a turning point in both the professional and personal aspects of my life. I had a lot of goals which were conflicting and making progress was impossible as I was trying to juggle far too many things - I was constantly busy and exhausting myself but wasn’t seeing results! One of the biggest things I learned from my sessions with James was how to prioritise my goals, allowing me to focus my energy fully into singular projects. Thanks to James’ coaching and support I now have the tools to recognise when I’m ‘over-goaling’ and have been applying these both personally and professionally. I’m pleased to say I have been able to make great progress with both without leaving myself burned out!





‘I came to James to breakdown my barriers, build confidence in my workplace and be smarter at setting goals.

James really helped me breakdown my goals and ambitions into bite size chunks, makign everything seem achievable.

I have achieved a lot during our sessions, James asked key questions to breakdown my barriers. I have come away with key tools to use day to day and with a positive mindset!

Thank you!

I really enjoyed my coashing sessions with James. He helped me breakdown my overall goal into smaller manageable bite sized goals, focussing on the positiuve aspects of them as well as discussing different approaches to the more challenging aspects.

James also challenged me to try find the answer to some of the questions I had myself, instead of either giving up when I didn’t know straight away or wanting somebody else to give me the answer.

He always backed my ideas and supported my goals which was very encouraging and morale boosting.



Before my first session I was at a really low point in my career. I was unsure of how to manage my manager and how to communicate effectively,  the difficulties and struggles I was having within my role. Relatively new into my role, I didn’t want anyone to think I was unable to complete the tasks and didn’t want them to believe I was a ‘weak’ link.

Even before my  first session James, got me working on my  goals and priorites, not only in my career but in other aspects of my life.The first session was a turning point for me mentaly and with James’ coaching and direction to head in, it gave me the focus I needed. I was able to take the control back of my career.

James was great, he made sure I updated him with each task/goal we had agreed on. Without this, im not sure I would have followed through. James enabled me to find my confidence again.

In the space of 2 months, I have been able to secure a pay rise but more importantly feel in control of my career again. Thank you James



'After a year of losing my direction during the COVID pandemic, working with James helped me to pull together 'ideas' that id had to prioritise them. I'd lost my direction. Using the Wheel of Life was a very interesting exercise in particular I found my priorities had changed.

I had set myself some loose goals bother personally and business-wise but what I really needed was to make them achievable and to have some accountability more than anything. Focus and action were my words for the year. 

James was great at drawing out what I wanted to achieve, and then making firm commitments in smaller steps to achieve the bigger goals. In particular around my own health and fitness. I left my first session with a renewed enthusiasm to increase my fitness - which I am still doing months later. I feel in a better place overall and realise that to achieve other goals, I need to look after myself first - a bit like putting on your own oxygen mask in a plane first before helping others.

James has a knack of drawing out confused half-thought goals and making them achievable with a plan and I enjoyed being able to report back the amount of progress made at our next sessions. Although no longer receiving coaching from James, I am totally committed to a better health and fitness regime and reaping the benefits.



James has helped me to realise my potenital and what I can achieve when I put my mind to it. When I started my coaching sessions with James I was at the point of giving up on my personal training qualification and was happy to continue on with the life I was living. The work seemed a million miles away and the journey to completing the course was a cloudy image to me. James helped me to sit down and make goals to make each step easier and what seemed so far away and unreachble soon turned into a reality. Im now writing this having finished my course and having decided to go to university to further study the field I am passionate about.  James has helped to fuel my ambition and helped to reach things that I may not have been able to do alone.



James has been an excellent coach for me. He started by getting me to complete a document called the Wheel of Life in order to decide the areas of my life that I wanted to work on. We agreed seven areas and during the time we have worked together, we have touched on all 7 areas and focused on 4 of them (personal growth, employed work, my own business, and weight loss).

James has helped me change my focus around my business and get out of the employee mindset. He asks questions that challenge me – sometimes I wanted him to just offer suggestions or tell me the answer, but that wasn’t going to help me grow, so I’m glad he was firm with me.

When I decided on a course of action (both long and short term), James always insisted that I decided on a timescale for completion – not just a rough date, but an actual day and time. This was good for me – without it I think I wouldn’t have achieved as much as I did.

Friends have commented that in the few weeks I’ve been working with James, I seem calmer and more confident (I’m better able to accept praise and compliments now). I think the change of mindset I gained is now more embedded in me – I have several long term goals now and have taken the time to appreciate the things I have achieved in the time we’ve been working together.



Starting the coaching with James I was very unsure as to what to expect .but wow after each session and looking back from the previous session and actually seeing what has been achieved really was amazing . We took  little steps which has made such a diffenrce to my mental health and life .

Becoming a new mum and being made redundant really was hard and I just didn’t know where to start I felt totally overwhelmed by it all .

James really helped with finding the core of the issues and working slowly to achieving my goals . One step at time without feeling overwhelmed . Each session we worked on different areas in which I felt could be improved on … finding the core of each issue really strips back the layers and helps you to understand what you can do for yourself  to change/ improve those areas in your life.

I could be the simplest of things which can make the biggest impact and sometimes you just need a bit of help to find it .

Thank you so much James for all your help

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When planning an engagement day for my newly formed management team I was keen to have a real mix of business content and mindset coaching. Having known James professionally for a number of years we began discussing the type of package he could put together and tailor for me.

The session that he delivered was the absolute highlight of the day for both my team and myself. James delivered a great mix of visual content, group activity and discussion, and genuinely thought provoking discussions. I would recommend James to anyone looking to inject energy and enthusiasm into any team dynamic!

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