What is Coaching?

Coaching is a tool that is used to empower individuals and help them reach their goals; it is a structured conversation between the Coach and the Client.

During a coaching session I will be right by your side to help you achieve your ultimate goal and aspirations. I will listen to you, ask you questions to find out what's holding you back and what challenges you have. I will inspire you to reach your end goal. I will encourage you to make decisions and take responsibility for them.


During a coaching session I will walk by your side to help you to reach your ultimate goal and aspirations. I will listen to you, ask questions, find out what your challenges are and inspire you to reach that end goal.

You will be encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for these decisions.

What coaching is not

Coaching is not mentoring or counselling, so I will not be giving you any advice during our sessions. If you commence a set of coaching sessions and it is deemed not to be the right support for you, this will be discussed with you directly to find a suitable solution to support your onward journey.

What benefits are there to having you as my coach?

  • Clarity - Getting clarity on what you actually want in life. I will help you to understand your values, what's important to you and how does that fit with your future goals.

  • Confidence - By working out what you want, you will feel more empowered to achieve and take that first step. 

  • Overcoming Obstacles - We will work out together what is holding you back and how to use it to your advantage rather than feeling fearful.

  • Change - I will help you to acknowledge that it's never too late to change, just because a difficulty has been bothering you long-term, it does not mean that it cannot be tackled, starting now. 

  • How to reach your goals faster - You will achieve your goals a lot faster than compared to if you were going it alone.

  • Accountability - I will hold you accountable for your progress, but not as a teacher telling you off at school or your boss chastising you at work. Think of me like an old friend who will be cheering you on but also challenging you with a different way of thinking.


What will happen during a session?

Coaching sessions are held either face to face or on Zoom. The usual procedure is the client will contact me to arrange a suitable date and time for the session.

During the session we will cover the following areas...

  • Review the previous session if applicable

  • Set the goal for that session

  • Consider where you are at the moment with this goal

  • Consider the options that are available to you to meet this goal

  • Agree on some actions

  • Summarise the session before completing the session

How long is a coaching session?

Each coaching session will take up to an hour and can vary between sessions.

Who else will know what has been said?

A coaching session is completely confidential. I agree to and comply with the Coaching Code of Conduct and only in extreme circumstances would this be breached (eg. the intent to cause harm to yourself or commit a criminal act.)

What would I need to prepare?

To make sure our time is productive, always come prepared with a goal or aspiration in mind that you would like to work towards. Always take yourself to an environment where you will not be disturbed, have a drink and a pen and paper to hand and anything else you think you may need.

I want to start coaching with you, what do I do?

Click the button below to drop me an email to discuss your requirements and I will be in contact to book a discovery call with you.