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About Me

I'm James, a seasoned Retail Leadership Expert with 24 years of proven experience. My career journey, starting at Homebase at 16 and culminating in a General Manager role at House of Fraser overseeing £45 million turnovers and leading teams of 400-500 employees, has been defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence through people.


Core Values:


In every aspect of my professional journey, I hold steadfast to core values that guide my approach:

  • Acting with Integrity: Upholding honesty and transparency in every interaction.

  • Bringing a Sense of Calm: Navigating challenges with a composed and focused demeaner.

  • Creating Genuine Connection: Building authentic relationships that go beyond the surface.

  • Dedication to Growth: A relentless pursuit of personal and professional development.

  • Patience: Understanding the value of time and allowing processes to unfold organically.

  • Belief in Adding Value: Ensuring that every endeavor contributes positively to the greater whole.

  • Mindset of Marginal Gains: A commitment to continuous improvement through incremental steps.

  • Love for Improving Performance: Fueled by a passion for enhancing individual and organisational effectiveness.

  • Asking, "How can we do this better?": An inherent curiosity that drives innovation and efficiency.


Entrepreneurial Venture and Academic Achievement:


In 2022, I founded James Carpenter Coaching, a venture fueled by my extensive retail leadership experience. This move followed the completion of my CIPD Level 5 in People and Management in January 2023, demonstrating a commitment to continuous professional development.

Strategic Leadership Coaching and Workshops:


At James Carpenter Coaching, I've partnered with renowned brands, delivering impactful Leadership Workshops and coaching individuals in pivotal roles like Head of Retail and Senior Managers.

Consultancy for Improved Processes:


My consultancy work extends to collaborating with retail businesses, enhancing processes, and empowering employees for greater efficiency and success.

Specific Achievements:


Receiving the "Store Manager of the Year" award and being selected for the Oxford Summer School underscore my commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Passion for Retail Evolution and a Belief in People: In the dynamic retail landscape, my passion lies in driving success through strategic investments in people—the most valuable asset for any retailer.

Personal Touch:


Outside of my professional pursuits, I find joy in the enriching experiences of family life. I am happily married with a wonderful daughter who brings boundless inspiration to my journey. As a passionate football enthusiast, you might catch me cheering for my favourite team or engaging in friendly discussions about the beautiful game.

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