About Me

Hi, I'm James. I am married to my wife Louise, have one young daughter called Sophie, a cat called Ed and we live in Surrey.

My professional background is in retail where I began as a humble cashier in a DIY business. I was young but keen to work hard and progress. I went on to work as a manager for a famous toy retailer and following that, a leading luxury department store where I am now as a General Manager. In my current role I look after a £25 million turnover store and am accountable for a team of 300 people. 

Over the years, I have always favoured a coaching style of leadership which has led to my passion of seeing people achieve their goals and aspirations in the workplace.

I too have struggled with mental health and have bounced back from it, I'd encourage you to check my blog out on how I battled mental health to find out more.



I trained with the ICF accredited The Coaching Academy as a Personal Performance Coach and achieved a distinction after working with 9 clients.

I have fallen in love with coaching and feel an enormous sense of pride when I see my clients progressing and reaching their targets.

If you want someone who has been there and done it, in a fast-paced Corporate environment, look no further. I can coach you individually, improve the performance of your team, or you just guide you to take that first step forward in your life. Take the first step by getting in touch below for a free discovery session. Your journey towards your goal starts here