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5 tips to overcome procrastination and achieve your full potential

Updated: May 1, 2021

Procrastination- we all have it in us, and its not a bad thing. It can actually be to your advantage sometimes as it allows you to achieve tasks quicker; you end up doing the quick tasks first and then you feel you are achieving.

However, do you find that big task keeps slipping off the pad onto the next day, and then the next day? Sound familiar?

Try these tips when you are in this situation.

1) Can you break the task down into mini tasks? Let’s use the example of hitting a deadline at work for a report you have to do. This report has to be in by Friday and today is Monday. Work out how long you need to spend on the report roughly, across the week (for example 2 hours). You might want to give yourself a buffer and get it ready for Thursday lunchtime. 2 hours divided by four days is 30 minutes a day.

Plan 30 minutes a day in your diary and a time you are going to do it for four days and then you will be back on track.

Just breaking something down can change something from challenging to realistic.

2) Schedule the task. When you write a list, write next to it the time and day you are going to do it. Just by doing that, it will make your brain commit to the task as it loves certainty!

3) Ask yourself the question - 'What are the benefits to me of completing this task?’ Just this one question will change your mindset to focus on the positives and increase the chances of it being completed.

4) Give yourself a reward when you complete it - The brain loves rewards! You might say to yourself that you are going to have a nice bath, with candles and a glass of wine if you complete it. Again the chances of completing it will improve.

5) Be realistic - Sometimes we create things in our head to be done and it‘s not realistic in your schedule. Go back to point one and think how you can break it down into smaller tasks.

What techniques do you use? Like this post and share your own tips below.

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